Girl in Two Cities

Girl in Two Cities

GIRL IN TWO CITIES There is no clear path. There is no wrong path. Is there a path? Where the hell is it? I can’t friggen find it. You know what? Fuck the path. Give me the forest, my imagination, and a handful of crumbs. And some huge boots to stomp through the pathless web […]

Paint me Happy

Life’s ups and downs, colour, healing, and creative creatures.   I don’t share all that much of my personal or inner life publicly – but for now, the façade is cracking a little. Usually you’d have to wait a few months and then there may be a few clues amongst the songs. Even then they […]

Life is… Problem Solving

Life is… Problem Solving Here is one of 4 costumes in my current show: It is a multi instrumental show, involving keyboard, ukulele, many props including a top hat, horns, fake blood, rose petals, body paint, and this enormous dress and wig. I recently toured to NSW and ACT… Alone. No roadies, just me. Me […]

Statue Lady

Thoughts of a statue   The essence & beauty of theatre & life from the perspective of a living statue.   The experience with other humans in the street is utterly fascinating when you remain completely still and you are dressed like a freak. You can take it from me. I recently dipped my toes […]

“Losing your head” Anya Anastasia’s Marie-Antoinette

BEHIND THE SCENES #CreativeProcess, #DiscoveringACharacter  #Collaboration #InnerLife #SecretLifeOfAMadWoman One of my recent theatrical/comedy pieces draws inspiration from Marie-Antoinette. This was sparked by a fantastic collaboration with hair and make-up artist Megan Chambers. We coincidentally developed an infatuation with the same visual aesthetic, and consequently ended up working together to develop a Marie-Antoinette costume for an Alliance […]

Health Warning to Humanity

Issued: Sunday 29th December 2013   IMAGINE THIS:   You are walking down a busy street. Your eyes are like a mirror, passively absorbing the world as you pass through it, tracing a flickering sense of what lies beyond the images and light that washes across your eyes. Suddenly, you stop and turn to see […]

Perplexed Vixen

PERPLEXED VIXEN- a study in jealousy I know a few tricks and I’m a savvy vixen I’m fine but this time I was perplexed I vixen am vexed Victim of a hex This hex from the ex is fierce like a T-rex Next I’ll fall off the chariot, carry it for miles this emotional baggage […]

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Mister Parsnip

All locked up in mountains, in the middle of a particularly bleak winter, was an odd looking hut. This odd looking hut seemed as though it was meant to be a huge castle with tall spires however it was made on an extremely tight budget with what looked from a distance like sharpened led pencils. […]


For the second week of the Tunnels exhibition there is a new theme, so here is my new corresponding blog post! I will be performing on Friday night as a part of this exhibition.   ARTIST STATEMENT: ANYA ANASTASIA Week Two Theme: Beneath/Roots   My song-writing has always been about what lies beneath the surface, […]


I am performing/ planning to be an art installation as a part of a new and exciting project called “The Tunnels”, which is an exhibition located in the tunnels that are underneath Adelaide in the CBD. I was asked to write a statement about the performance work I will be doing on opening night, here […]