“Losing your head” Anya Anastasia’s Marie-Antoinette

BEHIND THE SCENES #CreativeProcess, #DiscoveringACharacter  #Collaboration #InnerLife #SecretLifeOfAMadWoman One of my recent theatrical/comedy pieces draws inspiration from Marie-Antoinette. This was sparked by a fantastic collaboration with hair and make-up artist Megan Chambers. We coincidentally developed an infatuation with the same visual aesthetic, and consequently ended up working together to develop a Marie-Antoinette costume for an […]

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Health Warning to Humanity

Issued: Sunday 29th December 2013   IMAGINE THIS:   You are walking down a busy street. Your eyes are like a mirror, passively absorbing the world as you pass through it, tracing a flickering sense of what lies beyond the images and light that washes across your eyes. Suddenly, you stop and turn to see […]

Perplexed Vixen

PERPLEXED VIXEN- a study in jealousy I know a few tricks and I’m a savvy vixen I’m fine but this time I was perplexed I vixen am vexed Victim of a hex This hex from the ex is fierce like a T-rex Next I’ll fall off the chariot, carry it for miles this emotional baggage […]

Mister Parsnip

All locked up in mountains, in the middle of a particularly bleak winter, was an odd looking hut. This odd looking hut seemed as though it was meant to be a huge castle with tall spires however it was made on an extremely tight budget with what looked from a distance like sharpened led pencils. […]

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For the second week of the Tunnels exhibition there is a new theme, so here is my new corresponding blog post! I will be performing on Friday night as a part of this exhibition.   ARTIST STATEMENT: ANYA ANASTASIA Week Two Theme: Beneath/Roots   My song-writing has always been about what lies beneath the surface, […]

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I am performing/ planning to be an art installation as a part of a new and exciting project called “The Tunnels”, which is an exhibition located in the tunnels that are underneath Adelaide in the CBD. I was asked to write a statement about the performance work I will be doing on opening night, here […]

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The Hills Secret Garden!

The Hills Secret Garden!

Sometime in the later half of the year, I made the decision that I would set to work creating a festival that had been brewing in my mind for a while; a festival of art, music and cabaret in the Adelaide Hills. I wanted to bring together visual artists, local organic and biodynamic producers, food […]

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An unusual creature

There is an animal that lives in a barn The barn is empty except in the middle There is a creature, curled up and snoring It is so loud his snoring! Like the whole barn is snoring!   He looks like a huge dog, with a very long nose And extremely long legs, and furry […]

Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes: “Jellyfish Song” film clip

Amidst the colour and flamboyant chaos of the Gracia Festival in Barcelona, a somewhat overwhelmed blue-haired imaginary friend makes her way through the crowd. This character, Lonely Fiction (the much loved protagonist of “The Upside-Down Girl”), is engulfed by a heaving crowd, as she weaves through a wonderland, the whole time closely followed by a […]

The other upside down girl

When I heard that cry, suddenly I couldn’t place myself in time or space. My foot skipped a beat and my heart tripped over. My heart tumbled twice and came back with avengence: thrashing like a dinosaur in a cot but with the sound on mute. My whole body had the mute button on. I […]